The Best Potassium Supplements Of 2017: Tested And Tried Using The Brainy Expertise

Best Potassium Supplements

The Best Potassium Supplements Of 2017: Tested And Tried Using The Brainy Expertise

The significance of potassium supplements for general wellbeing and health is becoming noticeable. There is no doubt that the word “Nutrition”(1) is the most discussed and talked-about topic in the community today.

There are already so many choices available to you that you might end up getting confused. How to choose the best one then?

Well, I have picked the best potassium supplements and have made a list for your convenience.

If you agree with me and think that potassium supplement is the thing that you require then, you have come to the right place.

Read thoroughly to find out more!

Get set go!

What Actually Is the Term Potassium?

Potassium (2) is a vital mineral for the body. You must be thinking that why I’m saying this?

Let me explain the facts!

The potassium helps to maintain the fluid volume in the body. It also helps in cell functioning and maintaining the electrolyte levels(3).

It’s surprising that even our body lacks the capacity to maintain the adequate levels of potassium(naturally).

Want to know the mystery behind?

It’s not at all easy to understand the whole process!

The mystery is that our body is unable to produce the potassium naturally. So, we need to take the potassium in the food that we eat. This is the sanity behind all the trouble

It’s okay! Don’t get confused! We will discuss all the if’s and but’s further in detail.

Why Is Potassium Vital?
  • Maintains the fluid levels in the body.
  • Maintains and boosts the health of nervous system.(4)
  • Helps to prevent the cramps in the muscles.
  • Boosts growth of muscle tissue and bone health. (5)
  • Maintains the functioning of the brain.
  • Takes care of the electrical activity of the brain.
  • Regulates the blood pressure and helps to keep the optimum muscle health.

What is the Right Amount Of Potassium That We Need?

Before we talk about any facts and figures, I would like to add something fruitful to your knowledge and that is; Your daily potassium requirement.

This data is genuinely authentic and is going to help you to keep the record at your fingertips.

The potassium intake is highly dependent on your gender and age. Potassium intake is good for males, although, women who are lactating mothers should take an appropriate amount of potassium per day(5100 mg /day).

That is why it is said that the lactating mothers should follow a healthy diet plan (6).

0-6 months400 milligram/day
7-12 months700 milligram/day
1-3 years3,000 milligram/day
4-8 years3,800 milligram/day
9-13 years4,500 milligram/day
14 years and up4,700 milligram/day

You must be thinking and scratching your head because it’s highly difficult to achieve these levels in a day.

I totally feel you!

But if you’re a big fitness freak, you should get some ideas to attain these levels.

What About Potassium Supplements?

I understand that it is difficult to achieve these optimum levels.

Even, I have tried a lot to encourage myself for the best potassium supplement diet but my potassium findings never touched the optimum level. So, I decided to lose some pennies from my pocket and pick the best possible potassium supplement for my good health.

Let Me Present To You An Exemplary Range Of Potassium Supplements

Pure Potassium Citrate Powder (500 grams)
  • Regulating Blood Pressure.

  • Boosting Bone Health.

  • Check
    Member's Mark
    Potassium Caplets - 500ct [99mg Potassium]
  • Maintaining fluid balance.

  • Maintaining cell function.

  • Check price
    Zenesis Labs
    Potassium Gluconate with Iodine Kelp

  • Blood Pressure Support.

  • Supplementing - Leg & Muscle Cramp Relief.
  • Check price
    Pure Science
    Potassium Gluconate 595mg
  • Regulating blood pressure.

  • Supporting Bone and Muscle maintenance.
  • Check price
    Nature Made
    Potassium Gluconate 550 mg Tablets 3 Pack
    Controlling activity of heart muscles (7)
    Check price

    Which is the Best Available Potassium Supplement? Here Is the summary!!

    It’s really tough to choose among the already picked products. To eradicate this issue, it’s better to choose according to your physiological needs. I am describing the above listed best potassium supplements.

    Which one would you like to try?

    1. BulkSupplements Pure Potassium Citrate Powder

    Believe me or not!

    This supplement is the best pick in the list of the best potassium supplements. I have personally tried this. This one is the high-quality supplement and is manufactured in the USA. This product is absolutely laboratory tested by the experts.

    The pure potassium citrate(8) powder offers you 99 mg of potassium citrate per dollop.

    What are the assets?
    • Completely free from any preservatives, colors, and flavors.
    • This supplement is gluten-free and hence it is a boon for those with gluten intolerance (9).
    • Regulates the blood pressure (10) and promotes the bone health.
    What We Like?
    • Comes in a powdered form
    • Not flavored
    • Laboratory tested
    • No additives, No Preservatives
    • Free from Soy
    What We Didn't Like
    Tough to measure the dose in a perfect manner

    2. Member’s Mark Formerly Simply Right Potassium Caplets

    This is the best product in terms of its price. This potassium supplement comes in 99 milligrams per serving. So, buying this supplement can be a good option because it doesn’t make any hole in your pocket.

    What are the assets?
    • This supplement is physiologically beneficial
    • Helps to maintain the fluid balance
    • Helps in cell functioning, and carries the nerve transmission
    What We Like
    • 500 capsules per packet
    • Pocket-friendly
    • Absolutely free from gluten
    • Tried and tested by experts
    • Easy to measure the dose(1 per day)
    What We Didn't Like
    Swallowing the capsules becomes difficult for some individuals

    3. Pure Science Potassium Gluconate

    This potassium supplement offers you 99 milligrams per servings. This supplement stands beside the vegetarian individuals.

    100 capsules are packed in one pack and these capsules are easy to swallow and promotes the quick absorption.

    What are the assets?
    • This supplement is going to regulate your blood pressure.
    • It highly supports the muscle and bone health.
    • All in all, maintain your physiological health
    What We Like
    • 100 capsules per packet
    • 100% vegetarian
    • Easy to measure the dose(1 capsule per day)
    • Tried and tested by experts
    What We Didn't Like
    • It’s not pocket-friendly(Pricey)
    • Some buyers don’t like its packaging

    4. Zenesis Labs – Potassium Gluconate with Iodine Kelp

    This supplement is made by Zenesis lab and offers 99 milligrams potassium each serving. This potassium supplement offers you one additional benefit and that is; 150 mg iodine.

    What are the assets?
    • Helps to treat muscle cramps and the muscle fatigue.
    • Helps to regulate the blood pressure
    • Helps to maintain the thyroid levels in the body
    What We Like
    • Offered with 250 capsules in one pack
    • Lab tested
    • Can be consumed for a long period
    • Fits to pocket
    • Easy to determine the dose
    • Easy to swallow the tablets
    What We Didn't Like
    • It contains shellfish(may not be suitable for those allergic to shellfish)
    • Some individuals complain of no relief from muscle cramps

    5. Nature Made Potassium Gluconate 550mg

    This potassium supplement holds the 90 milligrams of potassium in each dose. This is pocket-friendly and hence fits your budget.

    What are the assets?
    • This potassium supplement is gluten, starch, and yeast free. (So, a boon for those who are intolerant towards these.)
    • No color, and no preservatives are added.
    • Helps to maintain the activity of cardiac muscles.
    What We Like
    • Comes in 100 capsules per pack
    • Easy to swallow
    • Easily absorbed by the body
    • 90 milligrams per dose
    What We Didn't Like
    • Its label is a bit confusing

    If you are looking for the best potassium supplement then, I would suggest the No.1 supplement(on the list) named BulkSupplements Pure Potassium Citrate Powder as the best choice for all supplement seekers.

    As it comes in a powdered form so you can have this in your shake or smoothie. The powdered supplements are always easy to swallow and absorb.

    All in all, this supplement stands on the top of the rating list and is the best option for those who are strolling for the supplement to boost the potassium levels in the body.

    What Do You Need To Eat To Take The Potassium In Natural Form?

    Potassium In Natural Form

    1. Fruits
    2. Vegetables
    3. Protein And Dairy


    FruitsPotassium per serving
    Banana422 mg / Serving
    Prune Juice(11)707 mg / Serving
    Avocado250 mg / Serving
    Papaya157 mg/ Serving
    Pineapple180 mg/ Serving
    Melon172 mg / Serving
    Pears162 mg/ Serving
    Apples131 mg/ Serving
    Grapefruit320 mg/ Serving
    Raspberries186 mg/ Serving
    Strawberries254 mg/ Serving
    Plums259 mg/ Serving


    VegetablesPotassium per serving
    Spinach167 mg / Serving
    Lima beans(cooked)969 mg / Serving
    Potatoes535 mg / Serving
    Bamboo Shoots533 mg/ Serving
    Kale491 mg/ Serving
    Sweet potato475 mg/ Serving
    Mushrooms448 mg/ Serving
    Fennel414 mg/ Serving
    Swiss chard549 mg/ Serving
    Garden cress606 mg/ Serving
    Yam816 mg/ Serving
    Beet Greens909 mg/ Serving


    ProductPotassium per serving
    Atlantic white salmon534 mg / Serving
    Soy Beans485 mg / Serving
    Plain Yoghurt579 mg / Serving

    Reasons Behind The Potassium Deficiency

    As you all know that an unhealthy pattern is the main sanity behind the potassium deficiency. The individuals who do not take above-listed fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are deficient in potassium.

    Although, smoking and alcohol consumption is also one of the reasons behind the potassium deficiency. The potassium deficiency is common among:

    • Those who consume diuretics usually suffer from potassium deficiency.
    • The ladies who consume the birth control pills are deficient in potassium levels.
    • Most of the athletes are deficient in potassium because they do not meet the required potassium levels.
    • Those who have other health hazards like Crohn’s disease. Those individuals who suffer from this disease are deficient in potassium.
    • Those who have eating disorders, these may include psychological eating disorders(12) also like: Purging disorder, Bulimia Nervosa.
    • Those who are into smoking and alcoholism have relatively lower potassium levels.
    • Those who are into physically demanding work or jobs are prone to potassium deficiency.

    Word Of Closure

    In the above writing, we have discussed potassium and we have also listed the best potassium supplements. You may choose any one of the product among the above mentioned products.

    If you don’t support the supplement intake, then you should go for the natural products. You should learn to include potassium rich products in your daily meal plate.

    So, I hope this sharing was quite helpful for you. Please let us know if you have some unanswered questions in your mind. We would love to solve your queries.

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