What are the Best Supplements to Gain Weight and Build Muscle for Men?

What are the Best Supplements to Gain Weight and Build Muscle for Men?

Are you disappointed in your results from your lifting routine?  Many men get suckered into expecting unrealistic results from their workouts. Online training programs and Muscle Magazines feature Herculean mountains of muscle that look like Michelangelo himself carved them out of marble. These real life Greek Gods promise “You can 10 lbs of muscle in 12 weeks if you follow this top-secret workout plan!”

Except… it doesn’t quite work out like that. You purchase the workout routine and you follow it to a T. You leave blood, sweat, and tears on the floor beneath you five days per week from torturous, high volume workouts.

Spplements to gain weight and build muscle: Creatine, Whey Protein & Branch Chain Amino Acids
You see some results… but nothing like what the magazine promised.

Two reasons: Drugs and genetics. Most of the Arnold Schwarzenegger clones featured in the muscle magazines are in the top 99% of the population for muscle building genetics. They could throw a Frisbee and wake up the next day with an extra inch on their arms. Not only are they the genetic elite, they also take enough steroids and Human Growth Hormone to kill an elephant. On top of being dangerous and expensive, steroids are illegal. Are gains really worth the risk of spending 5-10 in jail?

Luckily, scientist have developed cutting edge muscle building supplements for men that can narrow the gap between you and the juiced up elite. Just read this list for the best supplements to gain weight and build muscle. Don’t worry, this is not a list of overpriced garbage designed to separate you from your money. Every supplement was designed in a lab via the scientific method.

The Best Muscle Building Supplements to Gain Weight and Build Muscle

If you are only going to buy one supplement from this list, it should be creatine.  Creatine is the only non-steroid supplement that allows you to perform a total higher volume of weight training.

Why is this important for muscle building?
You gain muscle via progressive overload — the more reps you do, the more muscle you grow.

Best Supplements to Gain Weight and Build Muscle
How does creatine help you gain weight and build muscle?
Weight lifting is anaerobic activity consisting of intense muscle contractions. To perform intense activities, your body creates a substance called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). While ATP is a powerful fuel source, your body burns through it very quickly. Creatine serves as a fuel to help your body create more ATP — meaning that you will handle more volume with creatine than you ever could without it!

Whey Protein
No muscle building supplement list would be complete without whey protein.  Whey protein is typically the first item that comes to mind when you hear the word “supplement.” Whey protein the quickest, purest protein source available to your body.

Why is this important for muscle building?
Just lifting weights does not guarantee that you will gain muscle. Lifting is only half of the equation — recovery is equally, if not more important. After your muscle fibers are broken down from lifting, you need to enter a positive muscle protein synthesis balance to guarantee that your body will recover and build more mass.

How does whey help you gain weight and build muscle?
After your lift, it is critically important that you consume protein as soon as possible to give your body the tools to build muscle. Whey is the quickest absorbing source of protein known to man, which means that taking whey is the best way to guarantee that your body will recover from the stress of training.

Best Supplements to Gain Weight and Build MuscleBranch Chain Amino Acids
After you take whey protein to ensure that you will have the best possible muscle building, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) will accelerate the process even more! Think of the effect that BCAAs have when taken with protein as the effect that a nitrous oxide boost on an already powerful car.

Why is this important for muscle building?
BCAAs are essentially the “building blocks” of muscle. They compose over one third of your muscle mass—but your body can only produce about half of the total amino acids. When taken as a supplement, they drastically increase the speed of protein synthesis to aid with muscle building.

How do BCAAs help you gain weight and build muscle?
Whey protein does contain Branch Chain Amino Acids — but it takes a while for your body to access them. Even though whey is the quickest absorbing protein source, it will take several hours for your body to access all of the BCAAs through digestions.  BCAA supplements bypass the whey digestion process and enter you bloodstream immediately, causing an even more powerful protein synthesis.